Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Slot Fitted Bed

I have a new apartment now and its a bit unfurnished. I don't even have a mattress yet and I was sleeping on a stack of comforters and sleeping bags. Rather than spend $95 at the Walmart for their full size wooden bed support, I finally finished my homemade bed. It cost me about 35 dollars to build and it is fitted for a full sized bed mattress (54" x 72").
There use to be these old dinosaur kits that you didn't have to glue, everything was slotted and fit perfectly together. That inspired me to make my bed that way. Why you ask? Because I wanted to be different, plus it was kinda cool how sturdy it was without using any screws. The material I used was 1/2" MDF (el cheapo fake wood) and the cuts for the slots were cut using router tool with a 1/2" bit. I also used a circular saw for the straight cuts.

Main Supports
ABCD 12" x 72"
EF 12" x 49"

Wooden Panels
GH 54" x 24.5"
Ia Ib 30.5" x 26", 23.5" x 26" (approx)
(be careful with Ia and Ib its not stable unless you have a full mattress on top or stuff the inside with something. I recommend using a third piece if your not stingy like me :-), I even made a chair with the scrap wood from this project )

Here are some more images of the finished product

The wood panels give this bed a little secret compartment to store old comforters or other things.

I decided to use contact paper (big wood patterned stickers) on some of the edges where the MDF was exposed to give it a more appealing (though fake) look. I ran out and there are still some spots where I have to add more contact paper.

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