Thursday, July 19, 2007

I hate hotels

Here is a video that a friend took while I was in Honolulu

Magnetic Drink Stirrer

I got bored and decided to make a drink stirrer device.

Here is the video, and the instructable

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lego Tape Dispenser

When I started my job as a TA in college I was given a shiny new stapler, thumb tacks the works! The one thing I didn't get was a tape dispenser. Later I realized no one got a tape dispenser. Surprisingly though there were rolls of tape by the dozens lying around. So I decided to just make one out of Lego Bricks. Yay! I have tape and dispenser Rejoice!! Then someone stole it. Arg!

Well then I started my internship and once again I found that there was yet another shiny new stapler and somehow thumbtacks but again no tape dispenser. I decided to crank out the old Lego pieces again and make another. Score! Tape! And a reminder to all around that the funny little intern who plays with Lego sits at this cube.

Ahhh the sweet intern months go by and I eventually left that internship for school and gifted the dispenser away. I decided to make my third one and record it this time and hopefully this will be the one that doesn't leave my hands.


Lego Hot Wire Cutter

I wanted to build something to cut styrofoam for a while but never found the time. Then I decided I to build one out of Lego pieces. Afraid that the abs plastic construction toys would melt I mounted the electrical connections above and below the plastic so that section of the wire would never have current run through. To kept the nichrome wire taut I used a spring I found. The cutter is powered by an external power supply. I have one I built out of a PC power supply and a DC model train transformer from when I was a but a wee bit lad.

A Pneumatic Barbecue

Now a days I have more time. I started a whole lot of projects. One was the hand held water bottle rocket. I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of criticism about how dumb it is to hold that bottle and to not use any eye protection. I agree and I don't recommend this method. In my defense the system to pressurize it was a well regulated air compressor at only 45psi. Well below the maximum these specific bottles can withstand and also limiting the height they could reach.

A sideways launch towards a wooden target

My friend defending his car from hurls of stale bread being thrown at it.

My pneumatic launcher I built when I was in high school for a science project also launching stale Kirkland bread. The accuracy for this has always been spectacular. Don't worry everything we launched landed in the yard and nothing heavy or dangerous was ever used. Although that bread from Kirkland could be considered poisonous. ;-)

Senior Design Project Done

Well here is the video of the final result of 4 years in polytechnic. Unfortunately our goal was to make a full Ipod skin with the antenna embedded but time constraints held us back.